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5 Characteristics You Need To Jumpstart Your Business!

As a person who just had a baby, getting back into the rhythm of things was a challenge for me. But I notice that within the process of bouncing back, a lot of the characteristics that I had, were holding me back. Negativity, laziness, self doubt, and more. So I wanted to share a few characteristics that I had to acquire to jumpstart my business again! Check them out below!

1. Passion Helps Fuel Your Business!

It’s been said that the more passion you have, the more committed, driven, and overall performance you’ll have towards your business! If you find yourself not completing a task, or project, then 9/10, there’s no passion behind it. Having passion towards your business, sparks hard work and dedication to make it to the finish line. Passion is the most important characteristic one most carry to succeed in their business!

2. Persistence- It The Eagerness To Keep Going For Me!

Look, starting a business is hard to do! But being a mom is hard.. dating is hard, life is overall hard! The list goes on on the many challenges we face in our daily lives. But what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger right? Persistence is a very important characteristic to have despite of how difficult the entrepreneurial journey may be. Not giving up is the secret sauce to have during this crazy ride to entrepreneurship.

3. Take Risks: The Worst That Can Happen Is Not Succeeding. But What If You Do?

The feeling of failure is the most common in almost all entrepreneurs, including myself! My mentor told me the other day, that it’s easier to think about failing than what it is succeeding. And although it’s completely normal to doubt, making sure it doesn’t take a toll on your mental is what’s important. You’re going to hear 1000 no’s before you receive that first yes! So take that risk. You may be surprise on the good things that come out of the experience.

4. Confidence: Only You Know Your Capabilities and Skill Sets To Bring That Vision To Life! So Why Feel Discouraged?

You are your biggest fan and you’re the only one who can sell your product or service like no other! You are the one who has to convince others that your product is the best one out there! But if you don’t feel confident within yourself, your business will follow suit. Doubt is the enemies best friend and it will stop you from transforming into the person who you know you could be! It takes real self

-belief to know and feel like the market will be interested in your ideas and business. But if you believe it’s amazing, everyone else will too.

5. (NOT A CHARACTERISTIC, BUT IMPORTANT TO KNOW) Mind Your Business! Stay Focused On What’s Important.

I always say if it doesn’t pay your bills or bring you peace, love, and happiness, then LET IT GO! It’s such a waste g it congrats energy to things and people who don’t want to see you shine. And a few people will go out their way to remind you or your hardships and struggles that you expereinvest. Listen, LET THEM GO! They’re not good for you. Always remember to surround yourself with people who inspire you daily and motivate you to be the best version of yourself. If they don’t do that, then LET THEM GO!

These are a few things that helped me jumpstart my entrepreneurial journey again And I hope it can help you as well! Like, share, and comment below what helped you!



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