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10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

I wanted to write a post that was something super out of the norm of what I usually do. I don't typically share a lot about my personal life or what really makes me, me.. but I wanted to share some fun, silly, weird, and super unique things that you probably didn't know about me before. So, here it goes :D

1. I'm A Beast At Parallel Parking

If I were to choose a contest to compete in, it would be a parallel parking contest! *PERIOD! I pride myself for being able to parallel park in any spot at any time of the day. Small, big, left, right.. I'm literally a beast at parallel parking. Now, put me in a UHAUL Truck and ask me to back up.. Naw, I'll pass lol

2. I Originally Went To School As A Cell And Molecular Biology Major

Yes, you read it right. I got accepted into Cal State University, Northridge to pursue a career in the medical field. The goal was to become a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon (Whew! Where would I be today if I stayed in that major!? #RealTalk) but it changed because I simply became uninterested the more I got involved in the major. I was a biology lab assistant for two semesters, took all of the core classes, and even joined a Co'Ed Medical Fraternity called Phi Delta Epsilon. One day, I attended one of our events hosted by a couple medical students and I remember one of them saying, "If you're NOT ok with not having a social life, no dating, and little to no communication with anyone due to studying 24/7, then medical school IS NOT FOR YOU." At that moment, I knew it wasn't for me. The next day, I went to down the Journalism department and changed my major. [Insert peace sign here.]

3. I'm The Middle Child

Some of you may already know this because I share things about my sisters often, but yes, I am the middle child. I have two sisters, no brothers, and we are all super duper close. I don't really agree with the whole 'middle child syndrome' because I feel well connected with both of my parents and seem to relate to both my older sister and younger. However, I do believe being the middle child and having to look up to my older sister and feeling the need to set a good example for my younger, plays a huge role of who I am today. I'm also a Libra and is all about balance. So maybe plays a role in it as well. #WhoKnows

4. I Don't Have Any Hobbies, But I'm Trying To Find One

So I'm just going to throw it out there. Sometimes I can have a super short attention span and this makes it challenging for me to start new things and stick with them. I mean, don't get me wrong, I am super adventurous, and spontaneous, and love exploring new ideas and projects, etc.. However, when turning them into hobbies, it has to be something I really enjoy. Nonetheless, what I do love is creating, hanging out with my friends, working on my events and content. But my husband would say that is not a hobby and unfortunately, I would have to agree. So I'm currently seeking new things to try! lol Please send suggestions my way!

5. I Was A Cheerleader For Eight Years and Danced For Ten

I feel like this is something that many people already knew. But in case you didn't know, cheering and dancing is in my blood. From pop warner, to competitive cheer (competed at Nationals for several years in Vegas), all the way to being cheer caption of my cheer squad in High school, I literally breathed cheer along with dancing. I did competitive dance and also help start a hip hop dance team in middle school to then become one of the choreographers of the hip hop dance team in High School. I later danced in college on a team called Committed Feet. However, this mama is retired and sometimes feel like I need to get my groove back. (Haha) But that rhythm never leaves and I still love dancing- for fun!

6. I Have A Huge Phobia Of Puke

Sorry I had to hit you mid-read with this, but its true. I highly dislike throw up. I don't like to see it, hear someone doing it, hell, I hate throwing up myself. Ughhhhh college was so ruff for me. Being surrounded by a bunch of college drunk people was a struggle.

It all started in 1st grade when I almost got thrown up on, then again in 5th grade when I was having a face to face conversation with a classmate and seconds later her was at the sink sick as dog. Thats when I knew it was fate.. Like what a coincidence! I always prayed that when I have kids, please don't let them be "Throw-Upers"- (The frequency in which a person pukes.) God said "you will face your fears" and here comes little ol' Dalise... and man.. Let's just say I clean it up (often) and caught it in my hands multiple times.. Now thats love!

7. I Am A Nail Bitter (Once Ashamed, and Still Kind Of Am..)

So like many others, I sometimes experience really bad anxiety and the first thing I do to relive some of the mental stress, is bite my nails. I absolutely hate it, but it's so hard to break the habit because this has been an issue for yearssss! (This LITERALLY started when I was a child). I bite my nails when I'm stressed, nervous, when I'm thinking wayyy too hard. To help this matter, I try to upkeep my nails with acrylics. I've tried everything else that you can possibly imagine. But this is my 'thing' that makes me super insecure, yet alone, me. Nonetheless, you can only imagine how I'm doing during this quarantine right? My nail tech is going to be so disappointed! Anyone else have this problem?

8. I Have A Severe Sweet Tooth

For starters, if you every want to get me something, you could never go wrong with sour candy. My favorite candy is the SourPatch Watermelon or anything thats going to make my jaw quench. I'm literally obsessed with anything sour and on occasion would go for a Reeses or Snickers.. But it's rare that I eat chocolate.

9. I'm Super Sensitive

"I'm an artist and I'm sensitive about my sh*t" -Erykah Badu

No but seriously, I really am lol And amongst other things, I am super passionate about what I do and sometimes my emotions can get the best of me. For the most part, I've learned how to control my sensitivity when it comes down to business and social media. However, when it comes down to people I care about, I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve. I value my relationships with my friends and loved ones. I love hard, I care hard, and thats probably never going to change. <3

10. I Had A C-Section

This was not my birth plan. But unfortunately it's what had to happen, and I'm ok with it. I now have the scar that will forever be with me to remind me on how far I've come as a mother. I was soooo adamant about not getting a c-section and even planned to do an all natural birth. I was at around 5-6 centimeters dilated before I decided to get an epidural (That was the 1st change to the birth plan..Those contractions HURT I don't care what anyone says! lol), and then my daughters heart rate slowly started to drop. At that moment, nothing else matter besides doing what I needed to get my daughter here safely. That's when we decided to get a C-Section.. And now, here we are with a heathy, beautiful babygirl, along with my scar that will stay with my forever. And it was so worth it.


As mentioned, this was a super random post that I wanted to do to share a little more about myself. I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know your thoughts below! I'm a bit of a weirdo, but who cares! lol Happy Thursday!

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