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5 Ways To Stay Focused And Have A Peace Of Mind As A Work From Home Mom

The whole universe has been on lockdown and this has forced almost everyone to work from home. It has been a major adjustment for individuals in corporate, small businesses, the event industry, but has mainly taken its toll on parents and working moms. As a mompreneur myself, I wanted to share a few ways that help me stay focused and keep a peace of mind during this time as a Work From Home Mom.

1. First Things First: Ease Your Mind

Taking care of your mental space is the most important thing you can do during this time of crisis. With the kids now being home and trying to find time for yourself and your work, it can be super challenging to release your thoughts and move more at ease. What works for me, is prayer. Every morning before I get up to begin my day, I pray with my daughter Dalise to help jumpstart our daily routine and prepare me 'mentally' for any changes that may occur. Prayer in the morning, brings me peace of mind and helps me move throughout my day with no worries. Along with prayer, a couple other ways to ease your mind can be meditation, yoga, exercise, or any other holistic care to bring you that inner peace.

2. Take a Step Outside

After getting Dalise fed, dressed, and ready for the day, I always like to step outside to get some fresh air. She loves to pull the leaves off the trees and be in the sun. So I try to get her outside to still enjoy the nature, and soak up that Vitamin D. Wether this be taking a short walk around the block with the dog, or starting outside projects like gardening, cleaning, or any other exterior design, going outside (even if its just for a bit) is so refreshing. Try to do this at least once a day.

3. Stay Connected

I know I'm not the only one whose been ADDICTED to FaceTime right? Video chatting has literally been saving me life during this Quarantine time! Being able to stay connected with my friends and loved ones has been such a relief for my mental stability. My friends/family and I video chat almost everyday and has not skipped a beat. This has helped me so much because not only has it been beneficial for my personal life, but has also been extremely exhilarating to know that they are holding me accountable (and vice versa) with the projects that need to be completed. Time after time, I also experience some anxiety. With being a military wife and my husband sometimes not being home, it helps to have that virtual company to keep my mind focused. This is the time for bonding with loved ones and checking up on family members who you may not have heard from for awhile.

4.Nap Time is the Best Time

This is my FAVORITE part of the day! Moms, that peace and quiet is a moment of serenity. This is the time that you really get to focus on what is most important to you. Whether that be knocking out your to-do list, prepping for dinner, cleaning, working on your business, completing work outs, getting some self care in... I mean the list goes on. This is the time for you to GET IT DONE. You'd be surprised with what you can accomplish in what? An hour in a half? Maybe two hours! Let's get it done ya'll. Taking advantage of nap time is crucial.

5.Late Night Special

The night is over, the kids are in bed, and the evening is coming to an end. Around this time, I love to bring out a glass of wine (or something stronger lol), put on a good movie, and maybe Netflix (and/or chill) with babe. In addition to all that good stuff, if you're anything like myself, I find it easier to get work done or complete the tasks on my to-do list for the day. I consider myself a night owl, so I typically stay up late designing marketing materials, editing content for the week, and most importantly, creating yet another to-do list for me to wake up the next morning and do this all over again.

These are a couple things that I do to keep me focused and at peace during this time with working from home. It has been a major adjustment with having to practice social distancing and not being able to leave the house. But I find getting on a schedule, and following the 5 different ways above, has helped me tremendously.

But I want to know your ways! Comment below and share what helps you stay productive while working from home as a mom. This is the time to continue to provide more information and resources for each other so we can get trough this hard time together.

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