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Beaded Up and Ready Tah Go!#OutfitOfTheWeek

This past weekend I went to Los Angeles to cover a beauty launch event for Fashionsta. I had an amazing time, but prior to getting there I was struggling finding something to wear. The first thing I would do is try to give myself enough time to go to the mall and grab something quick, but with the little time I did have, I had to improvise and whip up something in my closet.

I like to wear outfits that fit my personality. I wanted something bright, cute, but def stands out in the crowd. This white beaded crop top and lavender dress from FashionNova, was the first thing that stood out to me. So I threw them together, put my hair half up so it didn't take away from the sequence, and shot out the door! Nevertheless, the best outfits are sometimes right in your closet.

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