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Flared Pants From The NY & Company!

Hey Yall!

Let me start off by saying, these pants are one of my favorite pairs I own in my closet! The level of comfortability and versatility is ridiculous. But before I continue to share how amazing these pants are, let's get into the details!

So I purchase these crotchet pants from The New York & Company, in which I just recently discovered and is now one of my favorite stores to shop at (how come ya'll didn't share the tea on this store?! #Rude lol). I went around the time they were having a huge blowout sale (which seems pretty often) and found these bad boys tucked away. They were actually the last ones in my size! #Winnin! I picked them up, tried them on, and purchased them for only $20 bucks! Now, ya'll know I am a sucker for discounts and cost efficient pieces. Especially when they are super cute and will get the job done. So I had no choice but to get them.

These crotchet pants are also an amazing transitional season piece. These could have been worn in the summer, and is now perfect for this Fall weather. (especially here in San Diego). The material is extremely thick and they are really comfortable. Overall, The New York & Company offers great prices with items that are so diverse! From Classy & Chic, to chill and comfy, they have exactly what you need!

I unfortunately can not located the pants online. But they are from their Happy X Nature Collection. Head over to their site to check them out!

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