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How I Prepared For Motherhood

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Truth is, theres no real way to prepare for it.

I know you probably weren't expecting that when you opened this up, but for me, I really had no clue what I was getting myself into. Theres always getting the nursery together and stocking up on diapers, but even then, I found myself, still somehow making my way down to Target. Go figures.

Motherhood for me has been filled with so many changes, physical and metal. The sleepless nights, the swollen and leaking boobs from breastfeeding, and even trying to fit into my favorite pair of jeans from 9 months ago. The whole experience was such a huge adjustment that I feel no matter how many questions I asked or articles I read, it's something I had to live to truly understand what being a mother felt like.

Every single day is something new. New challenges, new lessons and even new qualities about yourself that you never knew you had until you become a mother. I was literally and still am taking it one day at a time and figuring it out as I go. Initially I found myself trying to fit into this "perfect mom world" that society places upon us and then noticed how stressful that was trying to live up to expectations that weren't even my own. Better yet, sometimes unrealistic. I had to tell myself that I've never done this before and that IT'S OK to make mistakes

All in all, theres no rulebook to parenting. So I stopped being hard on myself and stopped trying to control things I had no control over. I spend my days cherishing every single moment spent with my babygirl and let her know that I'm learning a new role in life just as she is. For me, it was less preparing, staying prayed up, and appreciating this new

chapter in life. I'm a mom :) Nothing will be given to me that I can't handle.

We'll, maybe a blowout..


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