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My Top 3 Favorite Products For Pregnancy!

When you’re pregnant from as little as six weeks all the way into your last trimester, your body is changing in so many ways, it can be so hard to keep up! From acne, to stretchmarks, to weight gain, weird cravings, the list goes on! So the goal is to get on a consistent schedule and use products that work for you.

In this post, I wanted to share my top 3 favorite products that has helped keep my glow from my face all the way down to my belly! These have been a life savor and has literally helped alleviate the breakouts, avoid stretchmarks, and more! So keep reading and let’s get into it!

1. Coconut Oil

So this Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is life! I use it every single day after I get out of the shower and throughout the day. I not only rub it on my belly but also my whole entire body. It comes in handy the most when I feel an itch on my tummy and instead of scratching, I waddle upstairs, grab a scoop, and massage it all of over from my sides all the way to the center of my belly button. Not to mention, it feels amazing!

Now understand that everyone’s body is different, so this may not work for you. However, this coconut oil is Non-GMO and unrefined. So its super pure, soothing, and light on the skin. Its not harmful and has little to no additional ingredients. I purchased this from Target for $8 bucks and is almost finished with the container. It lasts around 3-4 months depending on how much and how often you use it.

So about a month ago, I attended my girl Chastitee’s Define Your Glow: Beauty event. Not only did I have so much fun bonding with other woman and playing in some beauty products, but I also learned so much about Mary Kay’s newest products and got to experience them first hand. I ended up purchasing their Timewise- Age Minimize 3D 4-In-1 Cleanser & Satin Lips- Shea Butter Scrub and Lip Balm!

I wanted to not only support my girl, but I genuinely enjoyed these products. My favorite thing about their cleanser is that it’s infused with exfoliating balls which helped with my dry/dead skin. I noticed that during pregnancy my skin has been dryer than ever. So this product actually helped and was not too harsh on my face.

Now, the Satin Lips- Shea Butter Scrub and Lip Balm is my ultimate fav! With all of these weather changes, my lips have been sooooo dry! Using these two lip products have allowed me to get into a routine to help rejuvenate my lips back to them being soft, moisturized, and dead-skin free. I try to commit to using both every day, however, if I’m not able to scrub, I just used the lip balm. I would def figure out what works best for you, but adding a lip routine into my beauty regimen, has helped remove all unnecessary skin that does not belong on your face! Okurrrrr!

Dermalogica reached out to me and asked me to try this product. I’ve used them before and had a great experience. However, I was a little concerned because I was pregnant this go around and understood that I had to be careful on what I was putting on my face. While pregnant, your skin is way more sensitive and reacts to products that you may not have had an issue with before.

But when I tried for the first time, I was amazed on how smooth it was on my skin. I usually follow this up after I wash my face and use it in the morning and the evening. My skin type is dry. So the thickness of this moisturizer works for me. It’s smells a little funny, but the longevity of the product when in use, lasts throughout the day. I highly recommend this if your skin is anything like mine.

These are my top three favorite beauty products that I’ve used throughout my pregnancy. They have worked for me and I will definitely continue to use them post pregnancy. Understand that as your skin changes, your products will too. But once you find the right ones, stay consistent, and you’ll notice that you’ll become more accepting of the changes that your experiencing during pregnancy. 😊

Here are the links to the products below!

Thanks for reading!

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