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#Outfitoftheweek I Was an Over-Sized Barbie From The 90's

I've wore so many outfits and mix and matched pieces from my closet thousands of times, but this outfit hit home! I can honestly say this has made it to my #OutfitOfTheYear list!

A couple of weeks ago, I attended my friend Taylor from Cabe Partners event called, "Let's Flamingle". It was a super cute event, very photo-op friendly, lots of colors and more. I knew that just based off the promotion materials and I wanted to be sure I fit the theme so that my photos can look better?? (Maybe so! lol But I know I wasn't the only one)

Per usual, I was having a hard time finding something to wear. But I knew I wasn't going to buy anything for this event. I was being extremely lazy and didn't feel like driving to the mall (to be honest). But either way, you all know how I feel about shopping just because we "feel" we have nothing to wear. I stress that ability to improvise, get creative, and know that some of our best outfits are right in our closet.

I came across this over sized jacket I purchased from the thrift store a couple of years ago. I wore this jacket so many times, and only wore it one way, which was as a jacket itself. It was just too cute not to wear because the colors were perfect for the event and it was quick to assemble. However, I was never really a fan of wearing it as a jacket anymore unless I was attending a 90's theme party.

I threw it on, buttoned it up and decided to wear it as a dress. But one, it was too short, and two, it was so big and boxy, that it made me look like I threw on my dads old jacket and called it a day. I then went back to my closet and tried on like two different belts until I came across this chained belt that I bought from Fashion Nova. It went perfect with the style and added a little spice to the overall outfit. It also brought in the sides to show my figure off a little bit. I added some black shorts so my bottom wouldn't show if I bent over. I also wanted to add my signature pink to the outfit and knew I had these hot pink neon pumps that would perfectly tie everything together. I always love to my lipstick to either match my shoes or my purse, so I wore my favorite Sephora- Luster Matte, Long Wear Lipstick. So not only was my outfit poppin', but my lips were too! Okurrrrrr!

Although I was dying wearing this because it was way hotter than what I expected, this outfit was so much fun and unique. I felt like an over sized barbie from the 90's! (haha) I had this jacket for years and this was my first time wearing it as a dress. Who would of known.

Here are the outfits details:

Jacket: $7.99, Thrift store in Reseda, CA

Belt: $4.99, Fashion Nova in Northridge, CA

Shoes: $25, Charolette Rouse

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