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#Outfitoftheweek Olori Swank: Painted On Jeans

Many people ask me where I get my clothes from and they are always so surprised when they hear the answer. The places are never super expensive, extremely great quality, yet I never spend too much money on the pieces. I am genuinely a strong believer of ballin' on a budget. So when I came across these jeans from a popular designers pop-up shop in Downtown LA, I knew it was only right to support my neighborhood black-owned businesses.

When I walk into a store, my eyes scan the room and if something instantly pops out to me, I immediately know that the piece needs to be added to my closet. I then check the tag to see if it's even worth it or ask myself if I can find it elsewhere. When I walked into Celebrity Fashion Stylist + Designer Olori Swank pop-up shop, the first thing that I saw were these super vibrant, bold, and sophisticated high-waisted jeans that were calling my name! I checked the price and damn near died. The jeans were over 60% off and were running for only $20! So I grabbed them, tried them on, and literally felt my body become one with the material. They were so comfortable, the color scheme was very unique, and they made me feel & look extremely slim think! (hellooo) The quality was exceptional, so I knew after 2-3 washes they would still look brand new! (and after having them for a year, it still looks like I purchased them just yesterday.)

Supporting my friend Devona Stimpson at the RAW Artist Showcase in San Diego.

These 'Painted On' high-waisted jeans are one of my longest lasting pair on jeans. And I still get compliments on them as if I haven't already wore them 50,000 times. This goes to say, you don't have to spend an arm and a leg for a great pair on jeans. Walk in your local bushiness! You'll be surprised on the discounts and what they have to offer to their neighbors. Andddd you'll be stepping out looking like a bag of money just because it's Tuesday. (haha)

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