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Saturday Vibes

Updated: Apr 19, 2018

Vision Board Cocktail Party

Last Saturday, I hosted my very first Saturday Vibes event with my partner Kayla Akil. I created this event to provide an environment for creators, entrepreneurs, innovators and like-minded individual within the similar industry to connect, meet new people, collaborate. You can’t make it to the top alone! But with a help, love and support, success is right at your finger tips!

The purpose of the event was to help creatives kick off 2018 with essential connections and the vision to accomplish goals that will allow them to fulfill their destiny’s in their respective careers and industries.

Saturday Vibes believes that every visionary should have a vision board to help speak their goals into existence. It is our mission to provide that opportunity to all guests, allowing them to take home an effective vision board to help accomplish their dreams.

Check out the video and the photos below from our Vision Board Party below!

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