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Shoe dazzle Reposted Me! #MyShoedazzle!

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

Some of you may or may not know that I have been collaborating with since the top of the year! This has been a dream come true because 1. I absolutely love heels, and 2. I am obsessed with ShoeDazzle! I literally prayed on this opportunity about a year or two ago and it just so happen that I run into the Influencer Marketing Relations Director at an event, I introduce myself, and we instantly clicked! Long story short... SHOE DAZZLE RE-POSTED MY PHOTO! Y'all I literally died and woke up and died again! #GodISGOOD

Nevertheless, being the new girl on the block in San Diego, I did some exploring and took some pictures in my ShoeDazzle heels for their summer campaign titled #MyShoeDazzle. And since the sun is out and shining bright, vibrant colors are my favorite to wear during this season! So with my 90's thrift store jacket, my Fashion Nova Jeans, and my husbands black fedora hat, my 'Collette' hot pink fishnet stilettos were the perfect statement piece for the outfit!

Check out my shoot below and order you a paid of 'Collette's HERE!



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