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Split leg trousers? Why Not?!

As a fashion blogger/influencer, we have amazing opportunities to work with different brands from all over the world. The pros of that is for the most part, free stuff! However, the con is when it comes down to clothes, online shopping can be a little challenging especially if they’re shipped from the US. The size difference between the two countries are crazy different! I've learned from experience that you have to be really careful when your ordering online. Not all things online are legit and the worst thing that can happen is getting excited over an item, only to receive it in the mail and 1. it doesn't fit, and 2. it looks nothing like the photos on the website. But to be completely honest, I was completely caught off guard on how well these pieces fit from Femme Luxe Finery and definitely recommend them for cute, comfortable, and unique clothes.

A couple weeks ago I got reached out to by Femme Luxe Finery and they’re located in the UK. They wanted to send over a few items for me to enjoy and promote which I clearly had no problem with. As mentioned, who doesn’t like free clothes?! However, I never shopped from a UK online store and was a little nervous because I wasn't sure if I could fit their clothes. I was completely in love with their pieces, did a little bit of some research and ordered two sizes up for my size. (The size chart helped as well). One of my favorite pieces from the batch I choose from was their Black with White Contrast Split Leg Trousers. For me, they were a MUST have! I love to shop pieces I feel will make me stand out and items I already don’t have in my closet. In addition to that, universal pieces that allow me to dress then up or down, is also that is very important to me. The ‘Tori’ pants are super comfy and defiantly a ‘go to’ for when you feel you have nothing to wear. Match it with a colorful crop top, or keep it simple with a black and white t-shirt, either way, you’ll be ready to hit the streets lookin’ fine as wine!

Thank you Femme Luxe Finery for the pieces! I am in LOVE!

Shop my look at the link below!

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