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Top Favorite Moments Of Being Quarantined During COVID19

In the midst of everything going on, I wanted to lighten the mood and share some of my favorite moments of being quarantined. COVID19 has adjusted our lifestyle in so many different ways, initially it was so hard to fathom that we were literally going through a pandemic crisis! And in lieu of protocol, we were called to practice social distancing and stay at home. For many of us, this became very depressing and for me, I experienced so much anxiety. But with so much love, support and connection that has grown over the last couple of months, there has been some positive and life changing moments that just filled me with so much joy. And I want to share them with you all!

So, without further or due, let's go down memory lane of these last few months of being quarantined.

1. Our Babygirl Dalise Marie Turned One!

It's so crazy because I wouldn't of ever imagined doing such a small birthday for Dalise's first, but let me tell you.. It was THE BEST moment spent together and I wouldn't of had it no other way. It was the smallest things that I cherished the most.

The smiles, the laughs, the small celebrations in life that made me not want it any other way. It was seeing Dalise happy, playing in her kiddy pool, enjoying the bubbles from our bubble party and most importantly, seeing our family join us to sing Happy Birthday on Zoom. It was like they were here with us! Not to mention, we saved soooo much money!

Ahhh thank you COVID19? (Is that weird to say? lol)

2. I Shot A ShoeDazzle Commercial And They Posted Me On Their Instagram!

Now this was the highlight of my career! I was so excited to drive to LA (I missed being there and working there!) and being apart of ShoeDazzle's Commercial! Out of all of the influencers that work with them, I was so honored when they choose me to participate! It

was a full day of production. Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe, everything! They had food, drinks, it was everything I prayed for and more! They even posted my segment from the shoot here!

You can watch the whole commercial at the link below!

3. We Road Tripped To Modesto, CA

This road trip to Modesto was actually the first time Dalise and I traveled by ourselves on the road. It was a six hour drive and I was so nervous to do it without my husband. But we did it! And it was sooo worth it and definitely needed during the quarantined. I felt at this moment of the lock down, I was experiencing so many anxiety attacks and was so emotionally drained

from my events being ripped away within seconds and just trying to figure out how I was going to pivot my business from here. I wasn't able to spend time with my girls and my husband was underway (which is a very short deployment), for about two months. So I needed to be with my family. Yet alone, Dalise needed to be with kids her age and spend some time with my side of the family as well. So we headed up to Modesto, CA (Northern Cali) and had the best time with my parents, my sister, nieces and nephews. We spent Easter there and extended our trip an extra week! This was the best trip I had in 2020. (We'll the only trip because technically traveling is still very limited. lol)

4. I Got Accepted Into The Amazon Influencer Program

This opportunity with Amazon was a super proud moment of mine. I've applied to be apart of the program last year, and finally received the acceptance email to my storefront right in the beginning of the lockdown. This for me, was the perfect transition because as my primary income at the time had stopped (event Production with XOValor and public speaking), having my store on Amazon helped bring in additional income I needed. So if you are reading this, and you have purchased an item in my store, thank you! If you haven't checked it out, no worries! Here is the link below!

5. I Joined An Accountability Group With My Girls!

Is there something you look forward to doing that brings you peace, joy, and happiness? For me, its every Tuesday at 11:30am, hoping on call with my girls for a weekly recap! Man, this time for me is so refreshing! Some calls are about business, some calls are just for fun and giggles. Some calls theres tears, and others, its just genuine support on how we can be there for one another mentally, spiritually, everything! These calls has been something that has helped get me through the weeks of being on lockdown. Being able to stay connected with my girls, meeting other likeminded women, and just being able to talk to people who are going through similar sh*t as me. These accountability calls help me week by week on productivity for my personal and business goals. Hell, even after we are officially released from lockdown, I will still be participating!

5. I Hosted A Workshop Sharing How to Become Your Brand From The Inside Out

During COVID19, we all had to shift the way we move, our habits, and more, and figure out different ways to still do what you love, but quarantine style. If you didn't already know, my event production company produces signature events for all entrepreneurs, creatives and young professionals. And with our events, we try our best to make sure our guests leave with resources and the tools necessary to help become the better versions of themselves.

So I teamed up with @SDBusinessBabes and helped host one of their first virtual events, which was the 'Brand and Content Workshop Series' featuring myself and three other amazingly talented women! It was a 4-week series filled with gems, and resources on how to pivot your business and be more productive during this time. Thank you for having me Business Babes Collective!

6. I Re-Launched My Web Series!

Remember when I was saying what helped me get through the quarantine was working on passion projects? Well this is one of them! I started this show in LA and had this huge plan to bring it back this year. However, since we could not return to an actual show set, we took it to IG Live every Sunday at 5:30pm! This show is a conversation with women bosses sharing their entrepreneurial journeys, resources on how they've obtained success, and the importance of collaboration and community in the female industry. Here was our last episode!

Stay tuned for more as we transition BACK to a show set! For more relative episodes, click here.

7. I Started Not Giving A F**k and Hopped On IG Live and Spoke My Mind

Haven't we all? Instagram's numbers must be out the roof (more than ever actually) during this time! I feel like there are so many benefits on going live nowadays. It's an easier way to engage with your audience, you can save the video to your photo albums, upload it to your IGTV in case someone missed it, and so much more! I started getting super dressed up just to go live, to now having so much fun hoping on it at the most random times just to share how I feel about whatever! But honestly this has brought me so much closer to you guys. Thank you for watching! I will definitely be on more! Here is the recap on my last IG Live!

8. America Woke Up!

“With an open heart, we can worry less about which side has been wronged, and worry more about joining sides to do right.” - Barak Obama

This situation has opened my eyes in so many different ways it's so hard to explain. Although we have so much work to do, we've come such a long way over the spam of a week! We all are moving in the right direction and understanding that Black Lives Matter amongst all of the other lives on this earth! We made history by protesting in all 50 states and several countries and has been consistent and making sure our voices are being heard. As I said in my live, lets keep this energy and conversations going! We need this!

This just shows that through a pandemic, social injustice, and many other crazy things that may have happened during this time, we have to look at the brighter side and see the positive benefits that came with it. So I challenge you to curate of list of the best moments of being quarantined and share it with you friends and loved ones. We all deserve light in the heat of this moment!

Thanks for reading!



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